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by Elisabeth Lechner September 09, 2020

Limited quantity of preorders reached - 06.10.2020

Wow, that was quick! The limited quantity of preorders is already reached. Thank you for your amazing support! The next date to get the Parallettes is November 27th, then the product will be officially launched. 

Outdoorworkout Parallettes Handstandpushup

Pro-Order now available - 02.10.2020

The new level of GORNATION Equipment is now available and you can be one of the first ones getting your hands on these beauties. Pre-order the GORNATION Premium Parallettes and upgrade your outdoor and indoor workouts. Pre-order starts today. Limited quantities only. The Pre-orders and all products added together in the cart are shipped latest on November 11th. The next opportunity to buy the Parallettes will be Black Friday, November 27th. Which one is your favorite? ACTIVE | PRO | MAX 

Premium Parallettes GORNATION

The giveaway is over - 30.09.20

3 lucky winners were randomly selected for the giveaway. Check you mails to see if it's you. In 2 days the Pre-Orders for the Parallettes will start. Stay tuned! 

GORNATION Premium Parallettes

The 3 kinds of Parallettes - 20.09.20

There will be 3 different kinds of Premium Parallettes. Here you find an overview of the sizes and many more interesting details. 

GORNATION Premium Parallettes ACTIVE (49,90€)
  • Incredibly robust for a safe workout
  • Perfect grip for maximum success
  • Comfortable to take with you on the road
  • Including enclosed tape

GORNATION Premium Parallettes ACTIVE

GORNATION Premium Parallettes PRO (79,90€)
  • Absolute focus due to secure stand
  • Perfect grip for maximum success
  • Only 10cm height for maximum control
  • Including enclosed tape and carrying strap

GORNATION Premium Parallettes PRO

GORNATION Premium Parallettes MAX (99,90€)
  • Maximum exercise variety due to 30cm height
  • Perfect grip for maximum success
  • Impressive stability and durability
  • Including enclosed tape and carrying strap

GORNATION Premium Parallettes MAX


The Parallettes giveaway is online - 09.09.20

We have received your messages and before the start of the pre-orders we have set up a raffle where you can win the new GORNATION Premium Parallettes. The giveaway is online and can be viewed here: 

GORNATION Giveaway Parallettes


The secret is revealed - 01.09.20

With the Premium Parallettes Teaser, the first details, views and information come to the public. Watch the video here: 

Workout content recorded - 14.08.20

Last week we recorded training content and tutorials with four international athletes in Münster, the hometown of GORNATION in Germany. Over 50 exercises are recorded to let everyone buying the Parallettes get useful content with the order.  

Elbowlever GORNATION Parallettes Workout


The decision has been made - 23.06.20

We have done a lot of research, testing and analysis over the last months. Now the decision has been made. There will be three different variants of the Parallettes. All in wood/metal design. The first pictures of the final products are already realized with athlete Julian Pagel. 

  GORNATION Premium Paralettes ACTIVE | PRO | MAX


More time for full speed - 28.02.20

The biggest fitness fair is cancelled due to Covid-19: No FIBO this year. We use the extra time and work on the community's request. The development of the Parallettes is in progress. 

Parallettes Production


The starting shot is fired - 30.12.19

We have completed the survey on Instagram. Which product does the community want for 2020? A clear favorite: Parallettes. The explicit wish is for a wood/metal mix, since wood has the best grip and metal provides a stable stand and long durability.

 Community Parallettes GORNATION


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